Basic Application Preparation #5

IPI Practical Skills

An 8-week online course that guides students through the analysis and preparation of four common types of family-based immigration applications.

This course is designed as a followup for a basic immigration law course, such as IMMIGRANT PATHWAY Institute. It will help prepare you for hands-on experience in an immigration legal program.

This course will teach you to analyze and fill out four common types of family-based immigration applications. Using sample case files and other resources, you will find and fill out immigration forms, evaluate and attach supporting documents, draft cover letters, and compile complete immigration application packets.


Basic understanding of immigration law is required. Students should have completed a 40-hour basic immigration law class, such as IMMIGRANT PATHWAY Institute, or equivalent training.



Online course through Google Classroom


Registration – $100

Registration discounts are available for EFCAImmigrant Hope and The Immigration Alliance members.


To receive a Completion Certificate, students are required to:

The course is designed to require about 40 hours of classwork over 8 weeks. Actual time required will vary based on each student’s level of knowledge, experience and technical ability.

Students who do not meet these requirements may still receive a Participation Letter from Immigrant Hope attesting to their level of involvement. Refunds are not available for students who do not complete the assignments to the satisfaction of the instructors.


Karla Hannant
Phone: (612) 516-5422