Jul 26, 2011

Let the training begin!

Though Immigrant Hope (IH) is new, it has already reproduced itself in a ministry that will influence others outside of the EFCA. We are partnering with World Relief to offer training* for ourselves and other organizations that want to reach immigrants.

Our prayer was, “Lordy Lordy we want forty.” We’ve got thirty-six attendants. This is spectacular for our first event. This is larger that any of the other training classes being offered. Many of the attendees are leaders in their movements. Along with these attendees, are about ten presenters with legal backgrounds. We will also be visited by several federal leaders.

Would you please pray for us over the following:

1. Pray that we would remember why we are doing this–to provide the Hope of the Gospel, HELP in finding a legal pathway for those eligible, and a HOME in a church that cares for their needs.
2. Pray that all participants will grow in their concern for our new Samerican** brothers and sisters.
3. Pray for divine connections. I want God to visit us such that we develop a network of His people that will be a resource for each other.
4. Pray for stamina. These will be long grueling days of studying law. Of course, it will have a very practical application. It will be five long days.
5. Pray for the technical/logistical elements: equipment in the room, room and board, scheduling issues…
6. Pray for the presenters. Few of them will be there for the whole time so there will be issues of timing, continuity and “personality.”
7. Pray for shepherding. We will start each day with a biblical component. Even leaders have needs. We want the Holy Spirit’s refreshing. My prayer is that these attendees will leave energized because they are burning bushes that are not consumed (I know that is crazy but PRAY!)
8. Pray for spiritual warfare. I do not doubt for one minute that Satan will not show up by distracting, dividing, or afflicting these dear ones or their dear ones back home. In a way, even this can be used of God.

*One of the critical components of IH is providing what so many immigrants want and to give them what they truly need. They want reliable affordable legal counsel, which will be given with a loving dose of the gospel…by word and deed. To be able to give that counsel, one needs governmentally-recognized training along with a couple of other components that are too technical to delve into right now. The training we are providing this next week satisfies the knowledge component that the government requires. Few groups are providing this component. Even fewer offer it with a biblical context.

**I use Samericans to describe immigrants and ethnic peoples who are outsiders but quickly becoming the new stock of America. It is Acts 1:8 in reverse. Thus Samarians become Americans = Samericans.

Thank you in advance for your prayers,

Dr. Alejandro Mandes