Jun 12, 2020


Resolution adopted at General Conference, 1980

WHEREAS thousands of refugees have fled Cambodia, Afghanistan, Cuba, and other countries to find refuge in sympathizing lands, and

WHEREAS most of the lands to which the refugees have fled are unable to care for all the refugees, and

WHEREAS it is incumbent upon Christians to help those in need in response to Christ’s command;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that local churches of The Evangelical Free Church of America set an example of Christ’s love by sponsoring refugee families in resettlement in our neighborhoods through the World Relief Refugee services of the National Association of Evangelicals, or that we cooperate with other local churches in the resettlement of refugees, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that if our local Evangelical Free Church is unable to care for a refugee family themselves, that as a church they provide to the World Relief Commission of the National Association of Evangelicals to help provide necessities for these refugees in the refugee camps.