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Date and Schedule

May 12 – June 17, 2023

Self-directed work on Sunday – Thursday. You must complete all assigned work each week before your live discussion group.

Live discussion groups on Friday or Saturday. You will be assigned to a group that meets at the same time each week. Attendance is required.


Online through the Moodle online learning platform and Zoom conference calls.

  1. Registered students will be invited to join the Moodle classroom in the week before the class starts.
  2. Look for an email with the subject line: IMMIGRANT PATHWAY Institute: New user account
  3. Click on the link in the email, or visit
    Bookmark this link so you can return to the page easily.
  4. Copy-and-paste the username and password from the email to log in. Save your username.
  5. Follow the instructions to change your temporary password. Use the password in the email as the Current Password. Save the new password you create.
  6. Continue to follow the prompts to accept the site policies.
  7. You should see IPI Online #29 listed on the Course Overview section.


Course Expectations:

This is an intensive course that will require you to complete the following assignments for each of the 5 weeks:

You will also be required to complete a take-home Final Exam within 3 weeks after the class ends. The exam may take between 3-12 hours to complete.

Students who complete the course will receive a Completion Certificate from the ILRC. To receive the certificate, you must meet the following expectations:

  1. Complete all weekly assignments before your live small group discussion,
  2. Participate in your schedule small group discussion each Friday or Saturday, and
  3. Pass the take-home Final Exam.

Students who do not meet the course expectations may still receive a participation letter from Immigrant Hope.

Final Exam Information

We will be adding more information as we get closer to the date. Any questions? Feel free to call (612) 516-5422 or email at:

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