Santa Barbara, California

Immigrant Hope Santa Barbara provides affordable, reliable immigration legal services.

Our legal staff of Department of Justice (DOJ) Accredited Representatives are trained and certified to provide advice and representation on immigration issues.  Our caring Case Managers will walk with you through every step of your application.  Come in for a consultation and we will help you sort out your current status, determine your eligibility for immigration benefits, explain your situation in detail and, if possible, help you complete immigration applications.  Consultations are confidential; we will not share your information without your consent.

Immigrant Hope – Santa Barbara may accept the following types of cases:

Citizenship and Naturalization

Family-Based Visa Petitions

Green Card Applications (Consular Processing or Adjustment of Status)

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Replacing or Renewing Documents (Green Card, I-94, Certificate of Citizenship, etc.)

Visas for Victims of Domestic Violence (VAWA)

Visas for Victims of Crimes (U-Visas)

601A Waivers

Immigrant Hope – Santa Barbara does not accept the following types of cases, but we can help you find someone who does:

Temporary Protected Status

Registry/Amnesty for qualifying undocumented immigrants

Employment-Based Immigration

Applications for Asylum or Refugee Status

Removal (Deportation) Cases

T-Visa Applications

Other advanced immigration cases

To make an appointment:

Call: 805-963-0166